What is MOPS?

What is MOPS? MOPS stands for ‘Mother’s of Preschoolers’ and it is a group for mothers with children from pregnancy/birth to kindergarten. We are a group of mothers who come together to love, support, and encourage each other as we follow our call of motherhood.

When do you meet? We meet together at NorthView Church in Buford, GA on two Thursdays a month from 9:30-11:45am during the school year (see the calendar page for exact dates). We take meeting breaks during the summer but we have playdates planned throughout the summer. So you can still have some adult time even though school is out.

Where do my kids go? During the meeting, your children are lovingly cared for by our Moppets workers. See our Moppets page for more information. Also, new this year, we are offering a childcare room for homeschool children.

What do you do at the meeting? First, we help ourselves to a hot covered-dish breakfast! Each meeting is different as we rotate a schedule between speakers, crafts, and discussion topics amongst our group.

  • Various speakers come in and talk to us about topics such as marriage, health, saving money, and parenting.
  • Our crafts are easy and useful: our crafts have included photo holders, diaper bag tags (shrinky dinks), tote bags, magnets, and ornaments.
  • We love discussion topics! Topics include anything to get us talking (which isn’t hard). This is our time to vent, laugh, cry, and receive encouragement. It’s good to know that there are other women who can empathize with our daily situations.

Don’t mother alone! You need at least one thing in your life for you. Come check out our group today and see if MOPS is the missing link in your parenting journey.

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